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The Meaning of F.O.I.

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan

What is the meaning of F.O.I.? The Fruit of Islam. The name given to the military training of the men who belong to Islam in North America. Military training implies tactics. Military training implies maneuvers. Military training implies going behind the lines in enemy territory. Military training implies establishing a beachhead in enemy territory and then proceeding to take control. Military training implies WAR. So my dear and beloved brothers of the FOI, our role is a role of Saviours.

What tools do you have? Knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The Final Call is just a tool, as are the books of the HEM. But now we must be taught how to use the tools. In the army they teach you how to shoot. In the FOI, we must teach every brother how to handle himself as a soldier and how to handle the word of God as an instrument by which the people can be saved. So, brothers, You can see we've got a lot of training to do. And so we organize, and we go after our people in a systematic way: block by t block, street by street, house by house. We knock on any door; just like He went, we go. And don't go ugly. Put your best foot forward. And that's why, brothers, when people write about the followers of the Messenger, they say they are clean, they are courteous, they are respectful, they are submissive, but underneath all of that they see that this is a dangerous body if ignited in that way. So this is going to be a balanced training.

We are righteous men, with a righteous purpose, and if we are opposed in carrying out that righteous purpose, we will fight like hell with those who fight with us, in the name of Allah, and we will whip the hell out of anybody that come against us, short or tall, armed or unarmed. But we got to be right with our God. I hope this is clear now. And when you move out, move out as soldiers, but not as the devil's soldiers. Whose soldiers are we? Muhammad's! Which Muhammad? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad! Well, He is a Saviour of Black people. What about you? Come on, brothers. If we're soldiers for Muhammad, let's get on after his people.

Allahu Akbar




A FRUIT IS THE BEST! He is constantly training and conditioning himself to meet and overcome all obstacles in his path. His sole purpose is to deliver the seventeen million (or more) dead to the Lamb of God: THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD. To do this, we are compelled to be:


  1. A FRUIT is Obedient to the Laws of Islam and those in Authority.

  2. His conduct is Militant.

  3. He is Humble and Submissive.

  4. He is Tolerant and Understanding.

  5. He is Courteous and Respectful.

  6. He is Honest in thought, deeds, and actions.

  7. He is Alert and Dependable.

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